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May 22, 2007



This year, the NBA has three teams to rig the lottery for:

1) Memphis - Both Oden and Durant played great games against the Bruce Pearl's Volunteers and had shining moments that would excite Grizzlies fans - Durant sent the game into its first overtime with a layup in the final seconds and Oden had the block that shut the door on Tennessee's Tourney run (in a previous game against the Vols, he also went for 24 and 15 and looked utterly dominant). With the Grizzlies struggling to sell tickets to their gorgeous new arena, drafting the familiar foe could be the quick-fix.

2) Boston - when is the last time Celtics were relevant? That would be when the NBA was at its height in popularity in the 80s. Everyone knows that the league does well when big cities like LA, Chicago, Boston, and New York, are competitive and Boston's shot at Oden and Durant could end the supposed Curse of Len Bias.

3) Seattle - NO ONE needs to win this lottery more than the Sonics. Seriously .. no one. The Sonics have been able to gain public support for a new arena from state legislators and that has put the Sonics' viability in Seattle on life support. Nothing would energize the fans and the city (and hopefully translate to arena funding) more than Durant's flair or Oden's smile. Watch Clay Bennett closely when the Sonics' logo is revealed - his reaction may be held back, but there's going to be plenty of emotion behind it.


Another thing worth mentioning - the Hawks could end up with NOTHING in this year's draft if Indiana can find its way into the top 10, they do not have to give up their pick to Atlanta. Marc already mentioned that the Hawks' pick is headed to Phoenix unless it is in the top 3, so the nightmare scenario for Atlanta would be Indiana winning the lottery and their pick still not being in the top 3. Ouch.

Suns Blog

Based on the results of the draft and Boston's misfortunes, I'd have to argue that it's not fixed - at least this year :P

Seattle got the 2nd pick in Durant, but Portland was the big winner (Oden). Gotta love the fact that despite their best efforts to tank it, Boston didn't get the pick they wanted.

Things have a way of working out though, as Boston makes to blockbuster trades for Garnett and Allen. The result... an NBA Championship.

Not sure we'll ever figure this league out.

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