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January 29, 2008



Tell it like it is!! Way to go Marc. Coaches are involved, but
Ernie Kent should have stopped it.


The Pit Crew definitely crossed the line during the UCLA game. It's sad that they felt like a jilted lover and behaved so immaturely. I thought Kevin showed great composure and maturity in handling the situation appropriately.

Emmett Jones

Man...that whole situation was definitely out of hand. I didn't even know that Ernie Kent had tried to do anything before the game started, but whatever he did, obviously it was not enough. Oregon clearly needed to be more proactive with this situation; its not like anyone was surprised that this happened (maybe the degree to which it happened, but they knew it was coming)

Kudos to Love for taking the high road.

Matt Y

This isn't the first nor will it be the last time the Oregon fans cross the line.

Last year it was them "celebrating" Aaron Brooks' assault on Washington's Ryan Applby in the previous year's Pac 10 tourney.

Oregon is classless...Earnie Kent is classless...and I can promise that Lorenzo Romar (as well as many of the Pac-10 coaches and AD departments) would have stopped the game right then and talked to the fans.

Great to see Love take them apart....

Marc Isenberg

Emmett...Coach Kent did not make any announcement prior to the UCLA game...he spoke up before the USC game.

Emmett Jones

Ah...oops. I misread USC/UCLA. In any case though, the rest of my comment still stands. It is very nice to see an athlete take the high road, especially when it doesn't happen very often.

Todd Campbell

Wow Emmett, the only reason you are saying any of that is because you are a husky fan. Do you remember when you guys wore sombreros to make fun of Ernie's affair. His family was in the stands, way to bring up a bad event after the fact. Tearing apart families is worse than just calling someone a name. You guys are just as classless as the ducks if not more. Remember when your footy team danced on the O after they beat Oregon in Autzen, real classy. By the way learn how to spell, His name is Ernie, not Earnie. Wow I hate Husky Fans, who do they think they are. Atleast Duck Fans dont walk around thinking they are better than the man next to them unlike every husky I have ever met!


Matt Y,

I agree that what happeneed at the UCLA game may have been "classless". However, you as a Husky fan, ought to think before calling the kettle black.
Was the behavior as classless as Jeramy Stevens "interaction" with that girls at the Kappa Sig house? Or was it as classless as Pharms shooting a drug dealer, then stealing his drugs, then having it all covered up just in time to play in your faux national championship season?
I find it hard to believe that you expect UO to control their entire student body, when your athletic department cannot even control two football players.

Matt Y

Todd...Ernie (not my fault his parents can't spell) did it to himself..cheating on his wife wasn't something that "happened" to him. Love and Appleby did nothing wrong. As for dancing on the O...that happened quite a while ago...under a different coach.
RW...reference that last comment...different coach...8 years ago. I'm positive Oregon has guys that are just as bad..ON THEIR CURRENT ROSTER....

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Kevin handled it has best as he could. I can't believe that people feel they still have to tear someone down to make themselves feel better. That's really cowardly.

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