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March 23, 2008



It was not Navarro's kid flipping the bird at Love as Navarro was quoted in another article as saying if that kid was his son the car would have not only been taken away but immediately sold.

But Navarro’s letter? Love read it, and he softened a bit.
He was stunned. Encouraged. And thankful.

“Tremendous parenting,” he said.

And unfortunately, all too rare.

“Here’s a guy who’s trying to get his kid back on track,” Love said Thursday. “It’s something as parents we’ve all tried to do with our kids, to teach them when peer pressure comes, to turn and go the other way.

“I’m happy Mr. Navarro reacted that way. I loved it. I personally thank him for his actions.”

In other words, apology accepted.

andy fine

Love was a great college player(as was CDR) but needs a much better body to be decent in pros. Of the NCAA championship game's plethora of pro prospects (Rose, CDR, Dorsey,Arthur, Collins, Chalmers,Rush, Aldrich) expect only Rose, Rush to be good in pros. Rose should be unstoppable once he gets jumper, and Rush should be a nice complementary guy and defensive stopper. That was a fun game to watch, but not a great game or all-time classic, since the offensive execution was not so great on either side, though Kansas' defense was a joy to watch.

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