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May 12, 2008


Debbie Spander

How come no one has questioned Louis Johnson's motives? Why has he come forward after he's been booted out of the inner circle? The timing just seems a little suspect.


Marc, you make a lot of good arguments why athletes shouldn't take money from agents, but you haven't "walked a mile in their shoes." These are young men who come from poor backgrounds. They work more than a full time UNPAID job. They know exactly what's going on: The NCAA gets billions from tv deals, coaches get paid millions and travel around on private jets. It's a crappy deal and everybody knows it. The NCAA can fill the public's mind with propaganda that these are amateur athletes, but let's be real. These top players are going to school for one year while they wait until they are eligible for the NBA draft, then they're gone. They may profess to love school, but the reality is they're being forced to go their against their will.


Under NCAA rules, isn't it allowable for someone who has a "pre-existing relationship" with an athlete to provide these kinds of benefits? I don't know how the NCAA determines whether someone has this type of relationship, but this might be a quasi plausible defense for Guillory/USC -- and also an unfortunate primer on how to circumvent NCAA rules.

Joshua Golka

Marc - good post. Keep em coming.

Sanders - the type of relationship you are referring to is typically reserved for family members and even then, the type of situation alleged, with an agency providing money, would mot be permitted.

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