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May 10, 2008



Who's to say the larger interests of the business would be served/some problems fixed if Falk exposed one player and one agent? Under-the-table payments have been endemic in amateur sports for decades, and previous whistleblowing cases haven't changed much. The most likely outcome is that Falk's own career would take a hit, making his reticence understandable...

...besides, it's possible ESPN's already revealed the mystery player and agency.

Marc Isenberg

I am not as concerned about the "larger interests of the business" as I am college players specifically. I believe the interests of basketball players -- the ones who will eventually get paid --who are being paid by agents or reps are absolutely being compromised, particularly when it comes time to select the best, most competent and ethical representation.

I completely understand why Falk might not want to come forward. I only questioned whether it was appropriate to put this unsubstantiated rumor out there.

As to the ESPN story, let's wait and see how this plays out.


Fair enough.

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