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July 27, 2008


Marjorie Leunen

Dear Marc;
It was wonderful to sit and chat with you at the NBA Summer League games in which my son, Maarty was playing. I am enjoying reading your "Money Players" book. I wish I had read it before Maarty graduated from the University of Oregon, but now is better than never.
I feel the same way that you do. Don't push a kid into college if they have no interest in getting a meaningful education. My son got his degree in Econ, but he really liked college life and he was not ready for the NBA right out of high school. I totally think it should be on the family and the athlete to make that 1 to 4 year commitment to college. The NCAA should not lobby when players should leave for the NBA...the NBA can figure that out just fine. Remember they picked my kid.........haha

Thank you,
Marjorie Leunen
Mother of 4 sons

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