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July 09, 2008


Nate Jones

Thanks for the roundup! Jennings might end up having the impact on the 19+1 rule that Kevin Garnett had on preps to pros in 1995. The funny thing is that both were driven by an inability to compete academically. I don't think the NCAA/NBA took into account what would happen to players that couldn't make themselves academically eligible.


Why shouldn't one and doners get paid to play? They bring in billions to the schools and get what? A scholarship? I hope more head to Europe to prove the NBA's 19 yr rule is terrible.


I give the young guy credit for reaching out and trying something new. Jennings may not be a superstar in Europe, but he's not going to be one his 1st year in the NBA either. At least this way, he gets to go play w/ solid competition and he'll make money in the progress. Better the player makes it than the NCAA.

More alarming that Jennings leaving for Europe, I feel, is the departure of Josh Childress to Europe. Sure, he's no Josh Smith or Joe Johnson, but he got the money where it was available - Atlanta sure wasn't going to pay him anything more than a minimum.

Great analysis of the whole issue btw... I usually don't agree w/ Jason Whitlock, but he's had a few good articles recently, including this one on Jennings.

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