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June 08, 2007



good points...media is escalating the situation and turning athletes lives into that of Paris Hilton (who asks for the paparazzi to follow her, knowing she's nothing without them)..but when your competitor posts or prints a story or photos ..what does the next paper or website do but hop in. I'm hoping its limited to NY Post and tmz.com, but doubtful.


So, the question becomes, which athletes get shot? OK, Lightning A-Rod is a bad example; but why would any member of the pap stake out Peyton Manning? On the off-chance that he'll take a late-night drive to "Red Lights R Us?" The "puppy teams" do this to make money, and if an athlete is boring, there's no money to be made. Translation: Don't get drunk in public and grope co-eds, and you won't find yourself on Deadspin.


If you can get that one picture of Peyton doing anything remotely salacious, it probably would be worth a lot of money.

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