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June 15, 2007



I remember Jones from his playing days as a bright, articulate young man. What a waste of a promising life.


While the man is doubtless a scumbag, how is his life any more or less wasted than that of some "bright, articulate" former football player now broadcasting meaningless football games? Or owning meaningless Arena League teams? None of this is meaningful; hence, none of this constitutes "not wasting" a life.


I dont understand how the guy get so many chances....He is a criminal


He's like Art Schlicter...he had every advantage in life because of his athletic ability, but something was just off. Hopefully Sean Jones never gets hired again in any financial capacity.

I can't believe it! There must be some misunerstanding. This is NOT the guy I remember.

There are a lot of facts left to come out in this. Given the number of indivduals involved it's safe to say that there is a whole other side to this as to who is actually culpable.

Marc Isenberg

Sure, Jones deserves the presumption of innocence with respect to the most recent charges. The outcomes in previous cases involving former NFL players Dishman and Ekuban have been determined.

Northeastern University Alumni

Can we have all the facts first before this guy is guilty! We just had the biggest scam of all time and it was 50 billion dollars. Come on now and 4 other individuals are included, all I can say is he better have a hell of a reason to be cleared or maybe it's a shame. Talent gone bad and crime is a last resort!

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