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December 17, 2007


Jeff Fellenzer

Ridiculous argument by the governor. I can't believe he's serious. The coach himself, the one who decided to leave his alma mater for a better deal, is exonerated...but Mr. 5% is the very convenient scapegoat. And this guy is running an entire state?


A typical politician...assign blame outside your voting constituency. Interesting that this statement was posted on Scout.com courtesy of "WVU SID release".

John Fairplay

Who put the idea in Michigan's head that Rodriguez might be interested in their job? Did they just run down a list of Division I coaches and start making phone calls - or did someone on the inside alert Michigan that Rodriguez was available? While I think the Governor's emphasis is wrong, he may be right about how this all went down.

J Evans

BETRAYED!! As a West Virginian and Fan, I am furious that we were tossed away like an old penny for the shiny nickel (Michigan) I wish that school the worst and to not coach the bowl game so he can get his new school together!!!!! Thanks for thinking of the team that got you there COACH. I am sure their minds will be ready for game. $#&@*(


Fairplay--Process of elimination is how...Miles and Shiano said no. So UM went for the next "hottest" coach available. The agent was like a wingman helping a guy accomplish what he clearly wanted.


WV has every right to feel jilted, but that's how the business of college sports gets done. Big Blue did to WV (twice) exactly what WV did to K-State when it went after a basketball coach who had only been there one season. You think K-State fans felt betrayed?

Chris Baker

Would someone please tell Joe Manchin to shut up? After all, it was also Joe Manchin's idea that WVU play a game with Marshall!

Doug Maxwell

A coaching choice is just that...a "coaching" choice. Yes, agents help finish the deal, but the coach has to agree to the terms. If Rich was so happy at WV, why would he have wanted to move? Because he's going to one of the top colleges in the country with a long tradition of winning. Coaches should never say anything close to the fact that they're "happy and wouldn't consider moving"...you dangle a carrot, the mule will chase. You don't see coaches stay at one school for a long tenure anymore. Well, except for Joe Pa. You talk about tough shoes to fill? Wait until he retires. Then you'll see how many "faithful" coaches that are chomping at the bit to get that job!

I'm an Ohio State fan, but I've always respected coach Lloyd Carr. Those are some hard shoes to fill! I wish Rich the best of luck, until the end of November!!!

Tim Edward

Uhm, aren't there more pressing issues in West Virginia for politicians to deal with besides who coaches a football team?

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