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July 31, 2008


Garrett Sanders


Well done. So many excellent ideas and arguments...my favorite...

"It’s no secret that the top college football and basketball players often come from low-income, single-parent, inner-city situations. Students from those environments often don’t make it to college, not because of their misguided hoop dreams, but because of lack of opportunity and preparation...Even if the colleges wanted them to succeed academically, most of them wouldn’t be able to because the education system they were funneled through failed to prepare them to achieve academically at a top university. This has NOTHING to do with chasing a hoop dream and everything to do with socio-economic inequity."

Very provocative, sad but ultimately TRUE!! You are a welcome addition Mr. Isenberg's site!!! Can't wait to read what you have to write next!!!

andy fine

a 4 year college/university is the wrong place to try to get kids educated who are unprepared--they don't have a chance to succeed, since they are so far behind to start--this is why the community college system exists--for non-scholarship athletes--- who have no other higher ed options


The only thing I would add to this discussion is that from the NBA's perspective, the three year works to their benefit by putting a better product on the court. However, the NCAA's propaganda that these players are 'student athletes' (and we're just talking the money sports here) is just as fictional as the idea that nobody bets on sports.


excellent analysis, Nate. How can anyone, even those of us like myself who value education, conclude that Brandon Jennings is "neither a pioneer blazing a trail for other young men to follow nor a hero"???

Jennings made the best decision for him..no one suggests others should follow, unless of course this turns out to be a successful model for others to follow, in which case jennings will be viewed as a trailblazer. for now, no one has a crystal ball to know how this will turn out so no need to rush to any judgment other than let's wait and see.

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